Released: nQuant .net 8 bit PNG Quantizer / by Matt Wrock

Last weekend I blogged about the quantization algorithm I had been working on in order optimize images in my Auto CSS minification and spriting framework RequestReduce. Yesterday, I released this code as its own project on While this quantizer provides great value for users of RequestReduce, I wanted to provide it as a separate component for anyone who would like to take advantage of its ability to dramatically reduce the size of their images. As I mentioned before, I have been seeing 3x reductions in image sizes of the 32bit PNG I produce in RequestReduce.

You can incorporate the quantizing DLL into your own code to transform any bitmap and get a 8 bit PNG bitmap back. I also provide a command line wrapper you can use to quantize individual image files from a script.

You download nQuant at or if you have Nuget, simply enter:

Install-Package nQuant

from the Package Manager Console.

I would appreciate any feedback, bug reports or suggestions for added features at You are also welcome to contribute to the code.